Monday, October 23, 2017

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Mersal or Padmavati

Cinema is not an appeasement tool

Rajasthan’s questionable law

Inoculating from public scrutiny

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Post-Diwali sobriety

Proactively protect citizens against pollution

US ‘love letter’ to India

A reliable partner or a useful adjunct?

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Homing in on the code

Homing in on the code

by Mythili Bhusnurmath

Address concerns of home buyers, but outside the bankruptcy clause

A solution to crop residue burning

A solution to crop residue burning

by Sucha Singh Gill

Instead of knocking at the doors of the Centre, the Punjab government must raise funds from the GCF board under the Paris deal on climate change for its farmers to meet the cost of clearing crop residue. The solution to this problem is possible both technically and financially.

Quantity outruns quality in higher education

Quantity outruns quality in higher education

by Shelley Walia

The quality of teaching suffers if research scholars are not held to the high standards expected in an academic institution, which should inspire the students to liberally evaluate diverse opinions.

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Quality GDP growth need of the hour

by Ajay Sagar

A quality GDP growth takes into account growth after adjusting for economic impacts from environment, health and natural resources. Any GDP growth at the cost of these factors would be more of a liability.

This market model won’t work

by Janak Raj Gupta

Market forces can be used to revive the economy and simultaneously remove both poverty and distributional inequalities. The market-led growth model should be redesigned by providing more resources to the poor.

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Donkey at the border!

Donkey at the border!

by GS Aujla

WHAT would appear to be the most objectionable provocation at the International Border today was known in the mid-seventies as an acceptable indulgence on the dhussi bundh separating India and Pakistan.

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Through the cracks

by Ratna Raman

Let’s light up our soul

by Ramesh K DhimanMusings, last 7 days...

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Home is a place you grow up wanting to leave, and grow old wanting to get back to. — John Ed Pearce

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Lahore, Tuesday, October 23, 1917

Hindu-Moslem good will in Lahore.

Education of Factory Children.