Saturday, July 22, 2017

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21 Jul 2017

Claim & honour go together

Lt Gen RS Sujlana (retd)21 Jul 2017 | 1:04 AM

ADHERING to the adage of ‘Tradition is not the worship of ashes but the preservation of fire’, an age-old policy termed ‘Parental Claim’ exists in the Indian Army.

20 Jul 2017

After storm, wisdom dawns

Maxwell Pereira20 Jul 2017 | 12:50 AM

SO, you are finally back to India, with all the time for trivial exposure for all around.

19 Jul 2017

Main Jasdev Singh bol raha hoon...

Sandeep Sinha19 Jul 2017 | 12:28 AM

SPORTS lovers are known to be as passionate about the commentators of the game as they are about the players.

18 Jul 2017

‘One’ can make a difference

Parambir Kaur18 Jul 2017 | 12:13 AM

THE worsening condition of environment, the fast depleting natural resources and ongoing talks about these gets overwhelming sometimes.

17 Jul 2017

One search, many finds

Upant Sharma17 Jul 2017 | 12:10 AM

TWO decades ago, we had a butler named Dunichand at our home in Himachal, spinning across rooms offering his indefatigable services to our family.

14 Jul 2017

A rotten apple & some happiness

Shantnu Tandon14 Jul 2017 | 12:52 AM

I WAS in Lucknow and India was in the midst of historic demonetisation.

13 Jul 2017

Hell twice over

Gursharan Singh13 Jul 2017 | 12:54 AM

THE news that about 134 candidates have applied for the position of VC at Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar, and Punjabi University, Patiala, was amusing.

12 Jul 2017

Long for Kashmiriyat to return

KL Noatay12 Jul 2017 | 12:14 AM

RECENTLY a bus of Amarnath yatris was involved in a cooking gas cylinder blast near Anantnag.

11 Jul 2017

Burden of a favour

KR Bharti11 Jul 2017 | 12:43 AM

ONE day I happened to meet on the Mall a former colleague who had just retired from the service and found him in a cheerful mood.

10 Jul 2017

An umbrella of emotions

Yuvika Grewal10 Jul 2017 | 12:44 AM

THE fine-point pen and the drab leather-bound diary that sits on the gold upholstered stool in the bedroom; the purple-flowered ceramic cup and the saucer lined on the edges with two green curling leaves, lying on the counter-top of the open kitchen; the tooth brush and the paste cocking their necks out of a red metal case fastened by two nails on the washroom wall; the foldable chair and table that rest folded against the outside wall of the single-storeyed house; or the pets Bru and Coco — almost everything here has someone to call its own. All live in pairs. Sets of two.

08 Jul 2017

Charades the elite play

Ratna Raman08 Jul 2017 | 12:28 AM

THE noun ‘charade’ refers to any pretence at projecting a pleasant front.

07 Jul 2017

Turban here to stay

Manavjit Mann Kang07 Jul 2017 | 12:41 AM

IWAS born into a Jat Sikh family and a proud one at that.

06 Jul 2017

Maharaj shows the way

Sarvjit Singh06 Jul 2017 | 12:53 AM

MAHARAJ, our cook, has been the ruler of our kitchen for over 14 years.

05 Jul 2017

A feast at Andretta

Vikramdeep Johal05 Jul 2017 | 12:36 AM

CAN we get something to eat here?” This was our point-blank query when we reached the Sobha Singh art gallery and museum at Andretta.

04 Jul 2017

Pushing home stretch

Col PS Sangha (Retd )04 Jul 2017 | 12:20 AM

HOME stretch’ is a term used to describe the last portion of a race.

03 Jul 2017

Holy moly, turban’s gone!

Billa Brar03 Jul 2017 | 12:43 AM

TURBAN has been in the news for the right and wrong reasons. A turbaned girl finds a seat in the Supreme Court of Canada. Back home, our esteemed elected representatives, have been tossing their ‘Sikhi nishani’ to and fro; indulging in a vigorous sling match, right in the middle of the law-making legislative Assembly.

01 Jul 2017

Get caught in the rain

Ratna Raman01 Jul 2017 | 12:37 AM

I GREW up listening to the song ‘Don’t go out into the rain, Sugar, you’re gonna melt’, sung persuasively by Herman’s Hermits (1967).

30 Jun 2017

A question to Captain saheb

Ankush Mahajan30 Jun 2017 | 12:03 AM

SO tell me where shall I go, to the right where nothing is left or to the left where nothing is right?’ The question is disturbing because life is full of dilemma.

29 Jun 2017

Strange case of ‘Goyee’

Raj Kadyan29 Jun 2017 | 12:34 AM

DRIVING back from a veterans’ gathering, my wife suddenly asked about ‘Goyee’.

28 Jun 2017

My good morning friend

Poonam Singh28 Jun 2017 | 12:31 AM

As I stand on the fringe of the tiny veranda almost flushing the last step of stairs, in the imprints of the leftover oil on the sidewall pavement, I can see a plate with a tumbler of sugar-free tea with bits of Marie biscuits or remains of achar, resting after a delightful consumption whenever I was trying to rush to the hospital and there was a good morning exchange with my octogenarian friend (I am sure he would not accept being called even a senior citizen considering his alertness and perfect cognition).

27 Jun 2017

In 5 mins, Governor's ADC

Col Dilbag Dabas (Retd)27 Jun 2017 | 12:49 AM

IT was October 1980, I was a young artillery Captain posted in Ladakh. After my tenure in the high-altitude area, I was posted to Nasik. After about a week, a signal came from the Army Headquarters (AHQ), directing me to report in ceremonial attire to Raj Bhavan, Hyderabad, for an interview for the post of ADC to the Governor.

26 Jun 2017

Shoghi symphony beats all

Maj Gen Raj Mehta (retd)26 Jun 2017 | 1:52 AM

IT is about 4 am in the Shoghi Hills.

24 Jun 2017

Enough of concocted stories!

Ratna Raman24 Jun 2017 | 12:50 AM

LAST week, a newspaper reported that a custodian of India’s legal system, explained why the peacock is our national bird.

23 Jun 2017

Kindness, there’s a lot to go around

Maneshwar Singh Chahal23 Jun 2017 | 12:31 AM

THE tragic news about the death of a lady after a berth fell on her in the train recently was horrifying.

22 Jun 2017

Two drivers & a coolie

SS Mongia22 Jun 2017 | 12:27 AM

IT was the year of the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi and the city was being spruced up. My colleague, RK Sharma, a former Engineer-in-Chief Himachal, and I were frequent visitors to Delhi during those days, being members of an arbitral tribunal.

21 Jun 2017

Call it ‘jimnastik day’

Bhartendu Sood21 Jun 2017 | 12:21 AM

I HAVE no misgiving if our entire country assembles to perform exercises with leaders of saffron outfits, leading them from the front, with the hidden aim of pleasing our PM, but my rant is for calling it ‘Yoga Day’.

20 Jun 2017

The value of zero & much less

KR Bharti20 Jun 2017 | 12:42 AM

ALTHOUGH the great mathematician-astronomer, Aryabhatta had invented zero and its place value in the 6th century AD itself, people dismiss zero as valueless in day-to-day life.

19 Jun 2017

The dark light

Narinder Jit Kaur19 Jun 2017 | 2:05 AM

MOST of us must have read EV Lucas’s essay School for Sympathy in which he talks about Miss Beam’s School where students had to take an exercise of going through a blind day, lame day, dumb day or deaf day, the objective being to make the children have a firsthand experience about the life of physically challenged people, their special physical, psychological and emotional needs; and to generate empathy and a sense of special responsibility towards them.

17 Jun 2017

Weather it out

Ratna Raman17 Jun 2017 | 12:06 AM

WHEN we were growing up, conversations veered around the topic of the weather in England and its central role in routine discussions.

16 Jun 2017

A principal’s heart melts

Sanjeev Suri16 Jun 2017 | 12:06 AM

I WAS a student of Class VII at a government senior secondary school at Nagrota Bagwan, Himachal Pradesh, in 1984.

15 Jun 2017

A love beyond time & space

Smridhi Chawla15 Jun 2017 | 12:19 AM

THE story was set in Jalandhar in the early 1960s.

14 Jun 2017

On way to demo(n)cracy

VS Chaudhri14 Jun 2017 | 12:27 AM

THE incident of slapping a District Magistrate, tearing his clothes and making him flee in Mandsaur, Madhya Pradesh, is most unfortunate and deplorable. It is an alarming situation when there is no fear of law.

13 Jun 2017

Hot and hurting June days

Balvinder13 Jun 2017 | 12:06 AM

AFTER chugging off from Rawalpindi, an Amritsar-bound train, overloaded with anxious and reluctant Hindu-Sikh migrants, halted for refuelling the steam engine with coal and water, at Lala Musa Junction.

12 Jun 2017

Bluestar, the shock & awe

Sandeep Sinha12 Jun 2017 | 12:42 AM

IT was a relaxed morning for us on June 10. A day earlier, our exams for Intermediate in Arts (equivalent of today’s plus two) were over. I was staying in the hostel of St Columba’s College in Hazaribagh, Jharkhand — 45 km from Ramgarh where the Sikh and Punjab Regiments were located.

10 Jun 2017

‘Games We Play’

Ratna Raman10 Jun 2017 | 12:13 AM

APPARENTLY, games played by children have been devised to prepare them for adulthood.

09 Jun 2017

In the name of...

Ranbir Singh09 Jun 2017 | 12:30 AM

THE name-changing spree of the present Haryana Government began with its decision to change Gurgaon to ‘Gurugram’. This change was justified because its ancient name, indeed, was Gurugram.

08 Jun 2017

Step by step to the top

SS Grewal08 Jun 2017 | 12:28 AM

MANY of us have potential for career advancement but get bogged down by a variety of reasons and decay on low-paid jobs.

07 Jun 2017

Ageing with those you love

Mahesh Grover07 Jun 2017 | 1:02 AM

I SAT propped up in bed, eyes glued to the clock in front, waiting for it to chime 12 and usher in that magical moment to transport me into the world of senior citizens.

06 Jun 2017

Dad’s chiding & a friendly ‘ghost’

Sartaj Chaudhary06 Jun 2017 | 12:41 AM

I WAS at my village school.

05 Jun 2017

Life has purpose, but what?

Col HP Singh (Retd)05 Jun 2017 | 12:55 AM

A FEW years ago I lost a dear friend when he ended his life in the prime of his youth. What perplexed me was the suicide note which read, ‘I have no reason for this act, only that I am bored, feel worthless and have not found the purpose of my living.’

03 Jun 2017

Frankly, messiahs overrated

Ratna Raman03 Jun 2017 | 12:15 AM

THE adjective ‘frank’ is associated with plain speaking. The verb ‘franking’ refers to an official mark indicating money has been paid towards postal charges.

02 Jun 2017

That will be the day

Vinai Chakravarty02 Jun 2017 | 12:43 AM

AFTER attaining superannuation from a government job about eight years ago, I was re-employed by the Chandigarh Administration to work on a project related to technical education, aided by the World Bank and monitored by the Government of India, in 2012.

01 Jun 2017

New ways out of old

Surinderjit Singh Sandhu01 Jun 2017 | 12:38 AM

THE year was 1977. The then revenue minister, during field visits and address to the public, would call all patwaris of the district, along with revenue records, at the site of the public meeting.

31 May 2017

Ma, tujhe salaam...

Sanjeev Singh Bariana31 May 2017 | 12:21 AM

MY father was in a transferable job as an officer in the CRP and generally posted to sensitive postings in the North-East when I was a kid during the 1970s.

30 May 2017

A true leader of men

P Lal30 May 2017 | 12:33 AM

KPS GILL is no more. This story is a small tribute to a big man.

29 May 2017

Lesson from a three-year-old

Poonam Singh Bhimania29 May 2017 | 1:00 AM

NOTHING can best comfort you from chilling winter than a cup of hot tea and cozy blanket.’ Perhaps lying in bed much before naptime was the easiest option available to the family to escape the chilly winter night.

27 May 2017

Virtual lives feed into personal

Ratna Raman27 May 2017 | 12:44 AM

Something has happened to the grammar of conversations.